11 May 2020

Bibèl, The Book of the Truth (Kalat’a Mbale)

The only Authentic Bible without errors or contradictions

The true original scriptures, the text relating the events, spirituality, the very history of mankind, are from ancestral Africa (Wásē). Many people have undertaken the task of falsifying Black people’s true history by writing plagiarized texts of African stories known today as the bible. These texts, falsified and filled with errors and contradictions, have inspired different kinds of beliefs and false doctrines. So, religious colonialism took off with these fraudulent counterfeits, and dragged many people into erroneous reasoning and theories.

The bond of the black people with their true history, their true identity and the true spirituality was thus broken. Without this knowledge of their true history and identity, many black people became victims of mental, intellectual and spiritual alienation. The fabricated religions and erroneous beliefs of strangers, have plunged many black people into ignorance. By embracing the religions and beliefs of foreign nations and oppressors, many black people fell into the idolatry of foreign false gods, gods that their ancestors had not known.

Zouloula The Defender of the People

Would black people, the original people and heir to the universe, remain under the yoke of strangers perpetually? Would this period of turmoil, ignorance, injustice and suffering ever come to an end? Would strangers prevail over the heirs? Job 19:15 expended bible "The land was given to their fathers only, and no foreigner [stranger] lived among them."

Deliverance was inevitable and the coming of a mysterious liberator, holding the key to the forgotten knowledge, had already been prophesied. Here to accomplish, at work for the restoration of the people, The only one Mandated at this time, the Consecrated Chief Initiate, the defender of the people, Zouloula overturns the foundations of false doctrines. The religious destabilizer exposes all the religions, false beliefs and all false spiritualities and philosophies that are without substances and are unworthy of the slightest devotion. He confuses those who thought they possessed knowledge, He destabilizes the forces at work against the people and frees mankind from intellectual, spiritual and mental captivity. Through His teachings, He releases the consciousness of black people and all those who love truth and justice. The Redeemer brings true knowledge, He restores the bond of black people's consciousness with their long-hidden past and He reveals mysteries that were sealed for a long time. An expert in visible and invisible knowledge, He’s the messenger sent by the Unique and True Creator: Lóba. The liberation of the people is in progress and it is spiritual. Behold here is the fulfillment of the prophesied deliverance.

The Great Uprising

Bibèl, Editions Zouloula100 ©: The Authentic Bible without contradictions or errors, the book of the Truth. Bibèl is the basis of spirituality and knowledge of the truth. Bibèl, the book of truth is the true history of Black people and the true history of humanity. This hidden history, forgotten, erased and falsified for a long time is now unveiled. The Instrument of Liberation, for black people firstly and also for all those who love truth and justice. After generations in darkness, here is the Light! Here is the Knowledge! Here is the Good News! Black people, know your history, your identity, your true origins, your place in visible and invisible realities!


Get the Book here: www.leseditionszouloula100.com (French version only)

The Second : www.youtube.com/Zouloula100

Black people’s true history :



French :

La véritable histoire de l’homme noir


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4 comments for “Bibèl, The Book of the Truth (Kalat’a Mbale)”


16 December 2022

Très bon livre


15 September 2022

Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.


17 July 2022

Yes sir, Authentic Truth !!!

David SOH

3 July 2022

Bonjour, Je veux acheter Kalat'a Mbale, la véritable histoire des noirs africains et du monde. Bien cordialement.